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War In Hell by D.Davidson

Fiction, Dark Fantasy 173 pp. 6”x9”, softcover.

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The Hell myth cycle can be traced back through the ages emerging in one form or another from the Hebrew Sheole to the Arabian Adhad Algab, from the Realm of the Hell Beings described in the Thibetan Book of the Dead all the way back to Ancient Egypt and the Neter Xert. The concept of Hell is an ancient and archetypal constant that runs throughout the course of human history colored by the cultural context in which it merges.

In the tradition of Dante’s Inferno, War in Hell explores the nine planes of the underworld by casting a new light into the time encrusted tabernacle that is a specter of the ages. Through a synthesis of alternative cosmologies that include concepts like reincarnation we find ourselves confronted by a whole new world that is not merely an adjunct to our own afterlife state but an alternate universe unto itself, one where the existence of human beings falls to the background and plays only a minor role in the lives of demons with a complex political structure directed by their own biased misconceptions about reality and an agenda entirely their own. Set against the back drop of an unholy war that sees satirical parallels to our own human history, Davidson creates a battleground for the imagination that slowly deconstructs and departs from the Christian concepts of the devil and damnation to create an updated cosmology for the Hell myth cycle that is more accessible to the modern mind.

Enter now the strange and exotic nightmare landscape that reaches out through grotesque beauty and penetrates far beyond the lunatic fringe of psychic insanity to the most sacred sanctuaries inside your own mind.